Oklahoma’s premier nursery
SERVICES partner

Founded by three life-long friends, born-and-raised in central Oklahoma, we deeply care about this state and the cultivator community within it. We hope to be your partner in propagation, dependable and conscientious of your time and resources.

Propagation partnerships

We position ourselves as more of a partner in our customers’ businesses and their genetic sourcing. By providing a clean start, facilitating the entire tissue culture propagation process and managing the mother stock, our cultivation customers can save time and space while reducing risk. While our breeder relationships allow us to offer verified genetics of the industry’s best strains.

Science-backed Solutions

Utilizing our team’s background in both chemistry and biochemistry as well as a Ph.D. in Plant Science, we’re able to solve the challenges of cultivation through the incorporation of proven science-backed solutions. By studying agronomic practices, we identified the value tissue culture could provide cannabis cultivators by guaranteeing pathogen-free plants that are set up for success.

Reliability & Exclusivity

Through our tissue culture propagation process, our customers can rely on us to get started with a clean stock of verified genetics or back on track with cleaned up plants that produce. And for cultivators looking to preserve their proprietary genetics, we’ll clean them up, store them safely, and keep them exclusive. Providing clones upon request and never sharing or selling them to others.

Keeping The
Green, Green

We’re passionate about bringing more sustainability into the cannabis industry by providing consistently clean plants. This not only reduces the overall need for cultivators to spray harmful pesticides but with more healthy plants we’re able to eliminate the waste of unhealthy ones. With a clean start, cultivators can do more with less which minimizes the need for resources and maximizes revenue.