Jelly Labs aims to help cultivators better understand the health of their genetics, tissue culture cleanse anything that’s reducing vigor,  store genetics in a sterile environment for safe keeping, and free up mother rooms to grow flower

Pathogen Testing

Curious if your plants have Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd)? If your plants are dudding or showing signs of reduced vigor we’ll help you identify if there’s a viral or fungal pathogen and develop a path to remediation.

Tissue Culture cleansing

Let’s bring your genetics that are suffering back to their youthful vigor through our meristem tissue culture cleansing.

Genetic Storage

Jelly Labs is here to store your most precious genetics in a sterile environment via nodal tissue culture to mitigate risks from catastrophic loss and prep stock for future seasons. We will provide generation 0 or generation 1 clones upon request, never sharing or selling them to others.

Plant sex testing

Let’s help you save money, labor, and resources by identifying all your male plants long before they are showing visual gender characteristics.